Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pivot Rivet the less catchy name for a product I discovered 3 seconds after taking an underconditioned waltz past a utility mirror in Target today. It's the Goody Spin Pin and it arrived into my hands in the very same aisle (fate?) (marketing?) and the poor thing didn't even make it to the checkout before it was boldly ripped from its box and flung into a knot of my hair, and I love it for that. I even took photos!

No chagrin for the Spin Pin!

Also today, Jimmy gets into the parmesan cheese:

...and lots of other neat stuff happening this week, to be revealed soon!


PA LaPresti's said...

What a neat hair accessory! Makes me wish my hair was longer. Love cutiepie Jimmy's jammies! Barker has the same pair & they are sooo cute!! Hope all is well. :-) {{{HUGS}}} from PA

Betty said...

Lookin soooooo good and in living color. btw as they say "it's in the mail" Happy fall!

Chrissi said...

I've been eyeballing the Spin Pin for a while now. Seems I've always got sticks, pencils, pens or pins holding up a top knot or pulling back my chignon. But hair sticks are stabby.

I take it you like the Spin Pin?

Joan said...

Was he drinking the parm?

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