Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bike Dislike

It's Fair Season in Maine and evidently today I had a thumbprint on my camera while we were at the Oxford County Fair, so pre-apologies for that. It was at The Big O! (naughty!) fair where Jimmy rode his first Merry-Go-Round,

which was not atop a horse, but a dog.

Later on we walked by some rusty antique stand that featured ornate old outdoor bench seating and curly-q table stands and beautiful old headboards, all of which I l.ove, but the place also showed weird old bikes, which I hate---and of course the bikes were the items that captured Jimmy and Wally's attention. Wonder where Jimmy gets it from!

(I really hate this bike.)

But Jimmy loved this trike!

We're hoping to have some good Oxford County Fair news by the end of the evening. Stay tuned! Or not...


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