Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dinner Surprise

Jimmy and I wanted to make dinner but didn't really have a plan until we hit the cupboard. There we found a can of tuna, Ritz, and a box of Jiffy Pie Crust Mix (a crust not so much for vegetarians.) The fridge had mayonnaise, butter, goat and parmesan cheese, and away we went.

Our little unplanned flaky puffs were a fluky success, even when we overlooked the spontaneous Sriracha and Mayo sauce Daddy needed to whip up. Yay for Cupboard Dinner Surprise!


Betty said...

Maybe JImmy comes from a long line of foodies on both sides! Speaking of which did I tell you I did a little research in Salt Lake City on his mother's maternal history? It's been printed off - now if I just get it into the mail!

Anonymous said...

just don't hold your breath....;)))

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