Sunday, September 19, 2010

Arrg, t'is th'day ye piratin' folks hath made, yarr!

The 19th Septemberrrr, arrrr, t'is'zzle tharst Internationalizin' Talk Like a Pirate Day. This piratin' lass, me 'earties, goes on preferrin' a-fashionin' tha Piratespeak akin ta the likes there aboardin' th'Black Pearl, ayyyyyye. An' maybe, ye bonny lasses and mateys, maybe e'en a touch o' th' Snoop-a-spizzle, arrrrizzle. Passin' on da rum, aayyy, Gizzle n' Juice bein' tha grog fo' me, yarrr.

Ok, sorry, that was giving me a headache, too. BUT, I still think it's a fun little holiday, Talk Like a Pirate Day. Even the pope celebrates!

Whoops, wrong holiday.

Theeeere he is. I know it's irreverent, but I think it's cute! Kyrie e-yarrr-son.

And speaking of the Lord, I also just found out it's Adam West's birthday!

Still sexy-wrong at 82

Alas, avast, an' da merry Tizzle Lizzle a Pizzle Dizzle, aaaayyy, frum de likes o'landlubbers Ashton an' da Snizzle Catt.


(Is it tomorrow yet?)


Melanie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! omg hi larry!

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