Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Final Brigade

Tomorrow night is the Big Brother 12 Finale.

Sit on it, Lane!!!!

Can't wait! Technically I'm pulling for Hayden (blue shorts) to win it all because he's been winning competitions since Week 1 and remaining loyal to his alliance and is straight-up with people he cares about before they get evicted from the house. Enzo (wifebeater) was sort of useless, but good for comic relief and loyal to the alliance. Lane sucked at this game and treated his allies like shit (mostly) and has had everything handed to him his entire life, including cutesy diaryroom lines that never came off as authentic, and possibly $500,000 which makes me a little sick. Ultimately I think it's pretty cool that an alliance actually made it to the finals, but I'm definitely looking forward to an All Stars season in hopes that maaaaybe they'll cast some people who know how to play this game (and just because Dick Donato begged me to be his FB firend doesn't mean I need him back, please, no, enough.)


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