Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 2

Today I:

Smiled and nodded and watched Jimmy's teachers fawn, again.

Went to the gym (whoa!)

Watched 2 hours of Kathy Griffin standup at the gym, wondering what I was doing without cable??

Drove Wally to work

Voted (go me!)

Came home and watched this vid, posted by a Libertarian Facebook friend who'd one day prior posted this.

Built a fire, laughed about Jimmy's firewood trains, and then dug out a firewood train splinter from his thumb.

This train hurts...

Asked Jimmy to smile for the camera and got this:

Went scavengering for diapers with my pal Leann

Made a pie unworthy of photos, made this post, and procrastinated my Nanowrimo novel.

Thankfully, I originally planned to write nightly after my programs, so I'm not THAT much of a slacker yet. 986 words so far!


Anonymous said...

I was just wondering what a diaper hunt was and were you successful?

Rachel said...

It's a month-long scavenger hunt at online boutiquey style shops, shops that sell cloth diapers. Jimmy's still in 'em!!

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