Friday, November 5, 2010

First Friday

We've been treated to a balmy November night so Jimmy and I decided YES on going out to the Children's Museum at no-charge for the First Friday Art Walk. It was a zoo, but really fun, and I'm pooped!

Belting conveyors

Processing eggs

Making Mumma wonder what's he going to do with that thermometer

Proving we're in Maine

Impressing his mother with the brute strength needed to maneuver this sawmill

Catching fish


Being thorough

Benching in to get a turn



Turning left

Being the cutest creature at the joint. I swear, I love watching Jimmy play with others, he is unearthingly patient and easy-going. He likes having his turn, but never hogs anything or gets mad if some (JERK!) kid shoves him off. We had so much fun, many thanks to the folks at the Children's Museum of Maine for offering this free event every month.


PA LaPresti's said...

Looks like you all had fun! Lots of neat stuff! I have to do have one of the cutest kid....ever!!! (along with my Barker of course) ;-)

Betty said...

Great pictures of a great place to be - good grief I can't believe all the changes since the humble beginnings back in 1976(I think) - makes me feel old but happy for those early efforts - and even happier that you and Jimmy can and do enjoy it now!

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