Thursday, November 18, 2010

¿Esso si que es? And Sandals!

At school today Jimmy apparently defiled himself all the way down to his shoes and since I'd only packed an extra shirt/pants the school had to make do with what they had, and as a result they dressed him in the most culturally fatal combination alive---they dressed him in SOCKS and SANDALS.

Hold on, wrong photo. Here he is:

One of the socks was lavender and had a feather marabou rim, so yes the socks didn't match each other or his gender. However, the school is completely off the hook because this is where I admit that....I'm ducking here....that I don't really mind this offense to fashion, the whole socks and sandals thing. I'll even go as far to say that I think that it looks cozy, and cute! I wish it were more socially acceptable, the world can be so unkind to those of us who are sensorially opposed to being barefoot. I just didn't expect Jimmy had the same sense of style, if you ask me I think those feet look darn good! Right, Steve?


Chrissi said...

I'm opposed to socks+sandals on principal for daily wear because I married a Dead Head who thinks nothing of shoveling snow in the dead of winter in lumberjack socks and ugly sandals, cargo shorts, and a baja.

However, as a special treat for my midwife, Andrea (who has a great sense of humor), for my annual exam every few years, I stop shaving three weeks before my appointment and wear rainbow-striped toe socks and Birkenstocks with a paisley broomstick skirt and peasant blouse. Then I kumbaya my way through the first half of my appointment with talk about the tree bark tea I'm making and how I'm experimenting with an alternative, reusable replacement for toilet paper.

It's about the time that I get to the "reusable replacement for toilet paper" where she starts howling laughing. =D Then she gives me a candy bar, hug and kiss, a reminder to make my next appointment, and tells me she can't wait to see what I come up with for my next appointment. It's the toe socks that make this semi-annual gag into performance art. ;)

~ Chrissi

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