Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ni Hao

Ni Hao is Chinese for 'Ello, Chap, and is the first half of the title Ni Hao, Kai-Lan, a cartoon on Nick Jr. featuring 6-year-old Kai-Lan. I was first acquainted with Ni Hao, Kai-Lan in the toy aisles of Target, her theme layouts were grouped with all the other licensed character toys and, it is true, my first thought was "Who's this bitch" cuz I thought she looked kinda bitchy, but now that we have cable I have a totally different take on Kai-Lan.

Ni Hao, Kai-Lan is cute, cute, cute. The show's animation is like Hello Kitty on a cupcake high, little Kai-Lan speaks to viewers with the biggest eyes and in the cutest voice and her hair and her friends provide many episodes worth of eye-candy, even Jimmy has chosen this show as one of his newest faves in our foray into cable life. Its focus is on introducing cultures to young ones (and maybe their parents) and with it Kai-Lan ushers in Chinese vocab, which I hear is a highly valuable language for Americans to learn considering how world commerce is going. I hardly object to multiculturalism or learning foreign languages, it's just that...

We've only had cable and Nick Jr. for a couple weeks, and I'm no Poli-Sci major but sometimes it seems like little Kai-Lan is sorta...maybe just a squidge...communist. I mean, I'm all for everyone having access to health care and all and I was just as floored as everyone else with the drummers in the Beijing Olympic opening ceremonies, but. I dunno, it's not that I think Capitalism is all it's cracked up to be, but when Kai-Lan starts changing the rules so that everyone gets a seat in Musical Chairs, that's when I saw my eyes going a little lefty-righty as it kicked into my brain that the wee girl might be into wee indoctrination? Propaganda? Maybe? Far be it from me to say that I don't sommmmetimes make connections that sincerely aren't there (Kelly Osbourne has been intentionally promoting Bristol Palin so that she could wedge herself into a guest judge position on Dancing With The Stars and thus score Bristol statistically lower...I know it! Muuaaahahahahigh-5 to Kelly) but each and every episode we've seen seems to be dedicated to denial of feelings and toward working oneself into a smaller role of something bigger. She makes these chants, "When you feel sad, think about something happy and you'll feel better," "When you feel angry, just calm down and you'll feel better," "When you've been violated, just work your job and you'll feel better," etc.

So I Google it up, "Ni Hao Kai Lan Communist" and I get a bunch of rightwinging airheads opposed to the show for boneheaded reasons, and I don't want to be associated with that, I just think that it's kinda weird, right? Not to mention the show's promotional images:

Haha, j/k, someone else created that. But it did make me think about how she's only got a grandfather and no mother (hi, Disney) because we mothers just get in the way of...everything...and there was this one episode where Kai-Lan was sticking her rear end into the camera for multiple reasons (dancing, showing what's underneath the seat of her swing, who knows what else) and that just gives me that shakin' head squinty-eyed nasal sigh sorta thing.

But Jimmy will still be allowed to watch, because he likes it and because his mom likes to point fingers at the screen and shout out "SEE!" when various pinko commie ideologues pop up in children's cartoons. That's Americanism. Thanks, Nick Jr!


Kelly said...

Seriously, Rachel..this may be your best post yet!!! Hysterical (and very true!). I still heart Kai-Lan!

Rachel said...

Thanks Kelly. She's too cute for me to hate, too.

PA LaPresti's said...

We love her too! :-) Great post!

Anonymous said...

...say wha...?

Anonymous said...

Who's this bitch? lmao


Life With Captain Fussybuckets said...

lol! I was searching for Kai Lan because my 2 year old is obsessed! I found your blog and I'm glad I did! too funny!!

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