Thursday, November 11, 2010

Anniversary Lunch

Today my Hunny Bunny and I have been together for 10 Years! Hurrah, we made it! What better way to celebrate than with a special anniversary lunch with

...this guy! Haha, it's my nephew Alex, a Frosh at a local college, and we were accompanied by

...Mr. Psyched2Bthere! J/k, that's actually my son Jimmy, a Forest Room student at a local preschool.

It was a nice lunch, how could it not be when the convo hops from Westboro Baptist Church to Family Guy to Reaganomics in American ghettos. Once back home to my hubby XO's were exchanged in lieu of gifts, but you don't need gifts when you have the happiest family on the block (hardly the most death defying feat here, but still.) Happy 11/11, Hunny! Many thanks Alex and Jimmy for celebrating with me!


laurie said...

did you plan it that this was posted at 11:11 pm?
I thought of you guys yesterday...didn't realize it's been TEN YEARS!! holy moly...I remember the day.... =) happy (belated) anni! hugs!

Rachel said...

I changed it to 11:11 ;) You of all people should remember!

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