Sunday, November 21, 2010

How He Rolls...

Really now, why throw out a broken toaster oven when you can just as easily gut out its electrical parts and plop it on top of the woodstove, good as new.

This is how my Hunny cooked his dinner tonight, he got it up to 450°!

As the hotwings went from frozen to sizzlin', the weather dept (also Wally) was predicting a hard frost which meant it was time to harvest the beets.

Prize Beet!

Preparin' for Picklin'

This all took place in the 40 minutes he was home between work and work. Just another evening in Wally's Kitchen!


Anonymous said...

I think Red Green has one of those.

Rachel said...

So did Red Foxx, Sanford and Son.

Betty said...

the only thing missin is the wonderful aroma of the vinegar cloves and cinnamon simmering on that stove while those beets pickle in that beautiful burgunday liquid!

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