Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shrimp Cocktail Suspended In....

...oh yes, gelatin. I made a shrimp and tomato and horseradish aspic, and it was..."interesting."

I know, I can hear the choir of "MMMMMmmmmmms" from all around (or maybe just in my head?) Like all my favorite foods, it was best at room temperature.

I also caught Jimmy trying out new costumes:

The aim wasn't entirely clear (off the shoulder Ellie Mae? Plaid ancient Israeli? Crazy Frontier pajama man?) but I got a kick out of this continued fascination with adjusting his garments and fashioning our clothes. I also caught him attempting to put his shorts on upside-down (he wasn't upside-down, the shorts were. Just clarifyin'.) Today was his second day at school, he's clearly enjoying the experience as evidenced by a 6:00 bedtime (Ye-essss!) (Naw, that's not fair, I love his company.) And at last, tonight starts the Nateva Festival, wishing Wally and his band well!


Anonymous said...

I am impressed aspic no less - and I didn't miss the frontier reference - osmosis? Enjoy the festival - and lucky Aunt Charlotte arriving in Me sometime today. Happy 4th!

MPWife 153 (Heather) said...

That looks soooo yummy! I think I need your recipe ~ pretty please =)

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