Friday, July 9, 2010

Gettin' the Willies!

Jimmy and I just saw Wally out the door on his way to an interview on NPR with his band, yes that stands for NATIONAL Public Radio, but they're doing the interview at Maine Public Broadcasting Network, so it may just be a Maine thing afterall, but that's ok. Stay tuned for a link once it airs*, meanwhile their WBLM Greetings From Area Code 207 interview is here.

According to Facebook The Mallett Brothers Band CD Release Party is tomorrow night, but when you're on the inside you get an advance copy (gimme a Quagmire-sized "Owwwriiiiiight" for that! Giggidy-giggidy!)

Then on August 13 the band was just booked to play the House of Blues in Boston the same night as Willie Nelson.

And finally, the cd received a favorable review by Sam Pfeifle of The Portland Phoenix. Exciting times!

*9pm update: Today's radio interview can be found here and ed. note, Jimmy is 7th generation Portlander, not 6th Wal-lyyyyyy!


Anonymous said...

Listened to the interview on your facebook entry - For an Army Brat that older man of yours sounds rather proud of the young one and his maine connector! Fun! Good luck on the launch and the sales to follow!

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