Friday, July 2, 2010

Miniupdates of earlyjuly

Today at the Libbytown Shaw's I picked up the latest issue of The Bollard and read its cover story about my neighborhood entitled, "Welcome to Nowhere," as I pushed a stroller down the same featured streets of nowhere. On the upside it looks like I'm losing a neighbor, the article isn't yet on their site, or else I'd link it.

I just read Jonah Lisa's post at The Toby Show about how she was weaning her 18 month old, and just thought about that I've never weaned Jimmy. Nope!

I quit Frontierville today, thank gawd.

Jimmy's playing new games with me, and we're at the precise moment where I can't tell if they're games he created himself, or something he learned during his first 2 days at school. New stuff is new territory as he branches into the world. Gah!

There mayn't be muchn't on this earth which is more divine than Indian food, I made some today! The cost factor was so low that it skewed off my lentil gauge and I made enough Sweet Potato Coconut Channa Lentil Masala for 16 people! For $4! Mmmmmm, them Shivi gawds are genii.

Big Brother TWELVE starts July 8, I think the geezer this year is 28.

It's the 4th of July weekend! Happy 4th!


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