Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Meteors and Ology

The day started out great, Jimmy and I logged into a newish website for us, Starfall, which is an early childhood learning site and it was the first time we were really going somewhere with it. Jimmy's been showing a lot of interest in the alphabet lately and Starfall really incorporates more interactivity with the whole on-my-lap-with-the-computer-games thing, it's wonderful! Lots of Starfall love from us in the coming months, I'm sure.

I can't log into without the Muse song Starlight coming to mind and cementing itself there, which is always a transformative and ethereal event, not at all like when the "Gimme a break of that Kit Kat bar" jingle gets lodged in there. By the afternoon my little digits led me to an online discussion about the song, I learned so much about people's interpretations, I really felt grounded and alive, ever through the Blackholes and Revelations.

By evening all the local stations became obsessed with reporting tornado warnings with all their maps and graphics and radar predictions and tense deliveries and refusals to break to commercials or regular programming. They kept telling us to go to our basements and to wear helmets and oxygenia and I was freaking out, not everyone has a tv in their basements! They tell me to get into my basement and air phone calls from viewers who survived a tornado which gave no warning, but then keep broadcasting in their cushy studios, what's a panicky mom to trust? It's amazing how light 41 lbs feels when you're sweaty and determined to keep your child in your arms, and thankfully Jimmy was in for the ride and not squirming to get back on the ground. Yes, we did end up in the basement (haven't been there since the laundryroom moved upstairs 4.75 years ago) and thankfully we could still hear the tv from there and could hear that the Tornado Warning was near over, but jeez! Are they going to give me those 3 years shaved off my life back? Doubt it. Why do I always fall for tv fear scams? It's like they scare the shit out of us to earn awards ("we won't leave the air until the danger to life is gone!!!" Thanks, WGME, pssssht!) Wally called right at 8pm to make sure we were alright, he was safely and securely blissed in his studio the whole time and didn't know of the warnings, what a right way to live! Now that Jimmy's in bed I'm back to submersing myself in Muse, cul8r!


Anonymous said...

This is a well told story - drama and all! Glad that you and Jimmy did not go flying off along with Toto! Brave Mumma going into the depths of the cellar!

Rachel said...

Toto and his movie definitely came to mind, not to mention TWISTER! =D

Chrissi said...

We had tornado warnings here, too. We kind of rolled our eyes and turned off the TV to avoid having it blow out due to power surges. Maybe we're too desensitized to 'danger' news reports. :p But, really? Tornadoes in the Poconos? Spare me. :p

BTW - Spawn's teachers all utilize Starfall in phonics lessons. K - 2nd grade, every year, we've used it! You'll want to try out a homeschooler membership for BrainPop Jr. sometime. It's my favorite homeschooler resource!

Another favorite is a blog I found last year: Unplug Your Kids. There's a monthly Unplugged Challenge that's usually posted on the first of every month.

~ Chrissi

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