Monday, December 27, 2010

The Nook Hook

Because 1000sf living doesn't always mean you have room for a dining table (other than the coffee table) Hubby got me this for Christmas:

I'm so excited! It's not yet finished or polyurethaned or installed, but once it is I think it will be like adding a whole new room, I can't wait to eat meals and play Jenga and do homework here, I love it! I got extra spoi-yuled this year with a full stocking (last year it was empty, oops), a watch, earrings, my first very own iPod, a can of mace, dining cards, Stars on Ice tickets, the gifts just kept on coming, it was amazing!

Jimmy's Christmas morning trainset earned multiple "Wow!"s before anyone else was even awake.

I find that he always finds double-duty out of the gifts his grandfather makes for him. Last year he discovered that his new stepstool doubles as a mini dinette:

This year his custom wheelbarrow is also useful as a seat for watching movies, or just plain hangin' out.

And my Festivus party went off so well that we're thinking of spending next Christmas at Disney.

r Wilderness Lodge, Lake Buena Vista, United States

For the restivus!


Barker's Momma said...

Wow! I L-O-V-E your nook! I have always wanted one too! Glad that you all had a very nice Christmas. All the food looks delish! :-)

Chrissi said...

We had one of those nooks years ago. The directions said it should take 2 adults one hour to assemble it. It took Walt and I NINE hours and we weren't speaking to each other by the time we finally got it put together. =D Ah, the memories!

We ditched the corner benches when we moved because neither of us wanted to test our marital fortitude with dis-assembly and re-assembly of the dang thing. I use the table with the lone bench on top of it as a shelf for scrapbooking supplies now. =D I love it, but it took me a long time to come to that conclusion after shedding a few pieces of it. ;)

Libbytown said...

I'd say I'd time it but I can guarantee that Jimmy and I will be sent away during assembly.

MPWife 153 (Heather) said...

Once your nook is put together I wanna hear all about it (& see pics too!) Our kitchen is so small & I have been saying for over 3 years I want one. So I wanna hear whatcha think about it!

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