Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Blogeria Randomia

Many thanks for the condolences on my MiL's passing, they are much appreciated and hubby is tremendously thankful as well. =]

Weblogus Randomus:

The Shipping News. It used to be that the "Handling" part of "Shipping and Handling" was the only questionable part of mail order products, what is up with this new "Processing and Handling" charge? Really.

The Grumpy Put-Out Guy in the Santa Hat. I was driving down an industrial parkway and there was this grumpy truckdriver guy huffing away from his truck, angry, improperly dressed for the cold, and wearing a santa hat. How does that happen, and why does it happen in moderate regularity, these grouches in the spirited hats?

The North Pole. Jimmy's aunt and uncle treated us to a ride on the Polar Express, what a great opportunity matched by a great time!

The Book of Mormon. I grew up with their commercials and I knew it was them wearing the ties and bikes and traveling in twos, but not until I saw the PBS Special did I realize who The Mormons were, and I find them fascinating. So do the makers of South Park and their Broadway Musical comes out in March...I cannot say I'm not intrigued.

Holiday Spirits. Hubby's band will be playing live Christmas songs on the radio Thursday morning 8am EST, if you're so inclined you can listen live here.

Le Sal-Jolais Nouveau est Arrivé. It's Christmastime which means it's time for Wally's studio landlord to distribute his homemade wine. Its label references the stomping part, wimps need not apply, I can't wait to taste it!

I can't believe there's only 10 days minus 20 hours until Christmas!


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