Friday, December 24, 2010


The past few days have been festive around the house. I made hubby's mother's prized banana bread,

...and received a fun Tower of Gifts from my aunt,

I know with items such as this,

...and this,

...she's looking to get on my hubby's good side. I myself figure when pears come packaged like this,

...that you have to do something special with them, I'm looking into into poached flambé recipes. Biscuits on biscuits flambé. Can't wait!

Jimmy quite by accident discovered that wrapping paper doesn't stop the singing, motorized tire noises, and flashing headlights of one of the presents under the tree---the box acts just the same way the battery operated vehicles he plays with in the toy aisles.

"Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your booty," reeep reeep reeep, uuuuhhhhrrr, screeeeeeech, slam! "Shake shake shake, shake shake shake...." aka WHY did Santa authorize this?

To be honest, Jimmy is a little traumatized by Santa. He certainly likes the idea of presents, but he's not so hot on some big omnipresent man coming here to deliver them. This will *not* stop him from accepting the gifts, but still...not into it. Even so, we put out milk and cookies,

I hope Santa likes almond milk.

...but Jimmy remained ever more interested in the Youtube trains.

There was no problem with Santa and the dairy-free milk.

Many more hours of work to go, Merry Christmas Eve, all!


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