Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mama Trauma, Commotion, and Ani-Motion

Awmigawd, yesterday at Sam's Club I let Jimmy eat a chocolate chip cookie and *instantly* he broke out into hives. I was freaking out, but not really, most of the time I freak out over these things once I think of other mothers who pre-Jimmy would freak out, when I always thought "why is she freaking, it's just freaking hives" but when the 40 pounds of hives only has you to rely on for his health and well-being and to keep his airway passages circular and open-y, it sorta gives you that other-perspective thing, the "what-if" thing, and I understand why or why not other parents naturally freak out, naturally?

By the time we were home Jimmy's right eye was goopy and irritable and bloodshot and the panic set in because obviously, this could be a serious case of blinding eyeball-dissolving disease and the fact that it was also getting all swollen wasn't much of a help for my nerves.

Dr. Google led me to Dr. Sears (my hero :batting eyelashes:) who said that parents will often wonder in cases like these if they should bring the child to the doctor/ER. He said that if the child is behaving as normally and as chipperly as ever, then a dr's visit is unnecessary. I looked over at Jimmy, he wanted to show me how he could sport a pair of women's sunglasses.

Crisis averted. I followed the e-doctor's orders and wiped Jimmy's eye down with a warm cloth, and things started getting better almost instantly.

Just in time for us to open up our VIEWER MAIL!!!!

Sweet sweet Leann and her hubby and their little fella Barker of All About Barker sent Jimmy a birthday prezzie, a new favorite book of his, the "ani-motion" illustrated book Bee & Me by Elle J. McGuinness/Heather Brown.

Leann, I could tell you how much he loves it but hopefully the pictures speak for themselves. Many biggie boy thanks from Jimmy to his iPal Barker, it's a beautiful book, we love it!

And sakes alive, the Bee & Me hive be-rid Jimmy of his hives. And his goopy eye. High-5!!!


PA LaPresti's said...

I am so happy that he loves it!!! =D Is that book not the neatest? The pictures are priceless & brought tears of joy to my eyes. Thank you for capturing that moment on film! Glad that Jimmy's eye & hives are better. How scary!

Anonymous said...

Simply precious - and double delight knowing the Mom as a wee one - life and love go on!

Rachel said...

He loves the book! Thanks again!

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