Thursday, May 6, 2010

Evaluating a Preschool of Fish

This is a photo from a Sign Language class we attended today at the Greenlight Studio. Jimmy loves his sign language dvd's, but he didn't do that great in the class, he wasn't really focusing.

His father and I have come to the conclusion that we think it's a good thing he's cute, Dory on Finding Nemo, Jimmy can be a "delay fish." He turns 3 this month and has been offered a choice of preschools so we've been school shopping for the past couple weeks, I look at the 5th and final choice tomorrow morning. Jimmy has stayed at home his entire life so this'll be a really big change but I can say that every single classroom he walks into, he loves. I've watched each teacher melt over his open and gentle nature (and his face!) and other kids welcoming him into their playtime.

It is true that in general I sorta think the American school system is bullshit, but for someone like Jimmy I believe there's a lot to be said about Circle Time and classroom structure. At this time I think this is a move in the right direction, that is, if we can get a space in the school we want (so far, I'm only "feeling" 1 of the 4 we've seen, crossing my fingers for tomorrow's visit because the only one I like is really inconveniently located!) After that, it's just a matter of convincing the school to install a webcam so I can watch his day and then I'll be a happy smother fish!!!


Chrissi said...

Are there any Montessori schools with a preschool option in your area? I think Jimmy would be well-suited to a Montessori-type of program - fun and occupational learning through creative play! And as far from public school institutionalism as you can get. ;) I wish we had one here in the boonies!

~ Chrissi

PA LaPresti's said...

I hear ya loud & clear Rachel! I have been looking at our pre-school choices around here & let's just say that they leave me longing for so much more. Our little boys are growing! I read this quote & loved it. It's about our babies growing up & goes something like this..."It's like trying to hold water in your just trickles through your fingers no matter how hard you try to keep it contained." He's trickling... I am having Barker go to Toddler Camp this summer in the hopes that he will maybe, well....try to talk. I'm hoping that by him being around other kids that talk will kinda get him started & I figure that the socialization won't hurt either. Life is so much more than just just Daddy, me & him. I hope that you find a pre-school that you all love & feel good about. Have a good day & kiss that cutie pie of yours for me! :-)

Anonymous said...

Kaitie went to a wonderful early Montassori on Woodfords Street. It was a wonderful program but of course Kaite is graduating this June from Bryn Mawr and has been spending summers in Africa so I doubt its the same staffing - however I did find it listed on line. Eli needed more structure and went to Breakwater and he is just finishinga globe trotting year before going to Holy Cross this fall. btw those dandelions in Jimmy's little fist are for a mother as precious as her son!

Rachel said...

Right now, there's one aspect that really draws my attention: FREE. There are no Montessori or Reggio (like Breakwater) schools on the list, but they are all alternative schools with a child-centered approach. Small classrooms (around 6 students) with a 2:1 student to teacher ratio. It's been called to my attention that I do too much for Jimmy--not to sound all "martyr," more like I'm supposed to challenge him more and I've tried but I'm not good at it, I'm much better at the kisses and hugs thing so I'm going to try the pros for the other stuff, as much as it kills me.

Anonymous said...

A really good pro always works well with the child and the parents - and good things will keep on happening - and believe me "free" pros are often as good as the $$$$$$$ ones. Parenting is surely one great adventure and you two signed up three years ago for the ride of your lives...and you will hold on and hang in and keep on keeping on. Happy Mothers DAy!

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