Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Clairvoy $tory

I was in one of those late night cosmic "aw wooooooooow" moods *cough*cough* when I started noticing all these cowboy themes in random commercials: An errant cowboy at a pirate party; a new Cowboy Burger at Applebee's, complete with references to childhood cowboy dreams. And then Buzz Aldrin started pimping his spacey status everywhere--Dancing with the Stars, 30 Rock, WWE--and it just seemed to me that with all the cowboys and astronauts stuff that it looked like the good folks at Disney were busy mind-controlling, er, peppering our tv culture with subtle Toy Story 3 promotions. Tonight on Dancing with the Stars I watched a Pixar'd-out Aflac commercial which was cobranded with Buzz and Woody and the gang (a kids movie to sell insurance, well naturally! Hrrm, come to think of it, MetLife uses Snoopy, what's up with that?) and why not, studies show that a partnership with Toy Story 3 will up your product's price value by 28 percent.

...3 aisles over,

So I sat and meditated about it and I don't know about you, but I'm thinking that all this subliminal advertising is working because I cannot wait to see this movie!!! Coming June 18! I haven't seen a movie since Borat!


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