Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Green-Hot Date!

It was haw-aw-otttt today, I think it reached the 90s and Hubby was all sweaty and irritated and working on his Agent Orange hotsauce so Jimmy and I decided to beat the heat and get out of the kitchen by attending His First Movie Theater Movie!!

We went to see Shrek Forever After in 2-D, I felt very old-fogeyish as I balked at ticket prices ($7.50 for a Wednesday matinee?) but at the same time very hip for simply being there; the last film I saw in the theater was Borat. So in that time all y'all may have completely alienated me with your incessant blabbing-about with your Avatar and your Iron Man and your The Blind Side and your The Hangover, you may now include me in your Shrek 4 discussions because it is still in theaters and I saw it! ....Well.....I saw most of it, I'm not sure how it ends, really, because Jimmy wanted to leave, but still! I sat in a movie chair for the first time in 3.5 years today, huzzah!


PA LaPresti's said...

Yay for another of Jimmy's "first"s!!! I am not brave enough to take Barker yet. I don't think that we would make it past the previews. LOL That's how short his attention span is. I remember the first time we took him to the drivein. I figured he would sleep in his stroller as I pushed him around & watched the movie....wrong! We had to leave 1/2 way thru the first show & last year when we went, we made it thru 1 of the 2 movies so I am hoping we fare better this summer. Way to go Jimmy on your first theatre experience!!!!

Rachel said...

I'm getting a little nervous, he used to go nuts for Shrek commercials, now he looks afraid of them. I really really really want to see Toy Story 3, but it might be too early still. Sigh. Good luck to you guys with your summer movie-ing!

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