Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tips for Creepy People

If you don't want to be treated like a creepy person, search opportunities to dump your creepy behavior. Such as, if you see a mother and her toddler walking in the park, do not follow them and continue to make creepy small talk. The world is on to you. When the mother treats you like you're creepy, take the hint and EFF OFF!!!

GOD DAMMIT!! It was 90,000 degrees and 5 thousand percent humidity and I had to park our overheated car near Maine Med so Jimmy and I took a stroll around the Western Prom and this guy just kept following us "You've got your hands full, haha!" "Sure is hot today!" "That ice cream truck sure is tempting the little one!" (Jimmy doesn't even realize that the ice cream truck dispenses ice cream, not that it matters.) Sometimes I feel like a jerk because I'm not always that friendly, but there were acres and acres to explore, he needn't follow our specific route. This week an 8-month pregnant woman was killed and had her baby removed, youngin's are desirable I ain't taking any chances!

Thankfully, our car was sufficiently de-overheated so we could leave the crayp on Western Prom. Apologies to future harrassees!


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