Saturday, July 18, 2009

Goode Art Imitates Us

I'm the only person I know who has even breathed the words "The Goode Family" which is a hysterical show and is therefore destined for cancellation. Still, I feel a supernatual bond with it, check this out:

1) July 3, I took my son out for a walk---we turned the corner around to the path around our house and ugh, dagger to my heart, 2 hoods had tagged our brand new fence! Due to where we live I knew it was only a matter of time and I spent portions of the day bumming about it or thinking of ways to deal with it or thinking of the nature of "tagging" in itself. 8:30pm and it was time to watch The Goode Family, and what do you know--it was an episode about GRAFFITI...about washing it away, about the neighborhoods where it appears, about the legality, its artform, everything! It was like a cosmic handbook on how to help us deal with our own spray-painted situation, thank you, Goodes!

2) July 17, Wally, Jimmy, and I were taking the scenic route to the Yarmouth Clam Festival when we saw a 5-inch turtle crossing the road. Wally kept checking the rear view mirror and by the time we turned back around the little guy had already speed-lollygagged an additional 3 feet. He was nearly across the road, but there was also an oncoming dumptruck NOT slowing down. Wally raced to move him out of the road and I swallowed hard and watched hesitantly--the road was so narrow and dumptruck was coming on so fast! At last, turtle and hubby were out of danger and once Wally was back in the car we noted that the dumptruck was barrelling so heavily it would have definitely killed the wee reptile. Wally saved that turtle's life.

That evening's episode of The Goode Family---an eco-farmer saved a turtle's life. Awmahgawd!

According to the Wikipedia there are 2 more episodes :sob: in the season's run. That's two more episodes to cosmically connect with this family, and lots of finger-crossing vibes and positive waves into the universe to keep this show running!


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