Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hello folks, I just found this in my work email's Draft folder, from June 27, 2009. I wonder what kind of mood I was in!

Little Lad’s: Yes
McDonald’s: No
Velveeta Shells and Cheese: Yes

Coupons: Yes
Save-A-Lot: No

Hypocrites: No
“Martyrs”: No
Know-it-Alls: No

Disney/Pixar: Yes
DreamWorks: Yes

Plaid: Yes

Child: Yes
Children: No

Michael Jackson: Yes
Woody Allen: Yes
Mel Gibson: No

Whole Foods: Yes
Target: Yes
Walmart: No

Cats: Yes
Mickey Mouse: Yes
Cats who don’t catch mice in the house: No

Vacuum: No
Lawn Mower: Yes
Mowing Dead Field Mice: No

Cloth Diapers: Yes

Internets: Yes
Telephones: No

Canadian Friends: Yes
Canadian Bloggers: Yes
Canadian Customers: No

Maine: Yes
Vermont: Yes
New Hampshire: No

Self-Preservation: No
Self-Deprecation: Yes

Self-Service: Yes
Self-Service Kiosks: No

College Graduation Ceremonies: Yes
8th Grade Graduation Ceremonies: Yes
Kindergarten Graduation Ceremonies: No

Cheap thrills: Yes
Walking: Yes
Gyms: No

Survival: Yes
Living: No

McMansions: No

In personal cheeseball excitement, tomorrow brings the 2010 Emmy Awards, yaay! Go Tina! And then Monday comes the 2010 Dancing with the Stars Fall Contestants announcement (during the most insanely lurid and shameful and high-calorie scrummy ABC show EVER, Bachelor Pad) however, I have read that Bristol Palin has been cast. Talented Not-Really-Celebrities on DWTS: Yes. Using your kids' tv appearances to promote your own career thru cameo shots from the audience front row of a hit show: NO!


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