Friday, August 13, 2010

It's Just A Phase

I'm loathe to "blog about blogging" but dangit, presently I'm going through a very "slow" phase, so it hasn't been very home-and-gardeny around here and that lack leaves little worth updating. Hubby is very busy with his stuff, Jimmy is actively lording over the house, and I've been reading fiction as opposed to reading box instructions or bank accounts or about whatever it is that makes my son tick. Looking forward to enjoying fall, to establishing Jimmy's new preschool routine, to watching the sun go down at ready to say adios to summer 2010.

But also deeply lucky to have married the person I did, a spirit who always accepts me without judgment, and always has.

See you soon!


Betty said...

Oh my! I wonder what the Lord of the Manor would like auntb to send him from the Western National Parks - better ask the Queen for ideas - brrrr just arrived in Buffalo Wy for the night and it is way way way cold - and twas in the 90's all the way here from Brooksville Fl. Keep the positive thoughts!

Anonymous said...

r those sweet 100 cherry tomatoes?

Eileen said...

I had to PUSH myself to get back to blogging... but, now that I'm back to it, it feels good again.

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