Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Cough Sauce 666: Casillero del Diablo Carmenere 2007

I bought this one before I realized "Carmenere" was Chilean for "Cherry Cough Syrup." Blech. I bought it haphazardly at the convenience store next door, it was $9.99, I thought it was $7.99, a clunker from the start. It was at the checkout that I also realized it was a Concha y Toro product, I hadn't had 'the Bull' since the old 'hood when I hung out with my nephew's mom, when my nephew was the same age Jimmy is now, when his favorite movie was Disney's Hercules and Princess Diana was being murdered by Prince Charles. So for old time's sake Jimmy and I tossed in the Hercules DVD as I tip-toed down memory lane. No, there was no chugging down memz lane, cuz forshizz the Carmenere Box deuce double-o sevz is fomerching a Diablo Cody-sized P for being Wiener Punch in a wine bottle. (Ooh, yuck, sorry for the Juno scripting. See, I told you this wine is bad!)


Chrissi said...

This one goes on my 'do not buy' list for sure! Ick! Sorry it was such a disappointment!

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