Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Saucer of Sauce: Herding Cats Sauvignon Cabernet/Shiraz

This week's sauce went all matchy-matchy with my Cupboard Stock Euro-Brötli. It's called Herding Cats , I found it in the check-out line at Whole Paycheck Foods, and I couldn't say no to the cute kitty spots on the, ahem, screwtop.

Herding Cats is marketed as a South African wine. We once spent an expensive visit to a signature African restaurant at Disney World (you dizhedz know the one I mean, haha) and my hubby was advised by the waitstaff that the restaurant had one of the largest selections of South African wines in the world. He shot me a demi-glance that said "BFD, WTF cares about SA wine" and he doesn't even drink, so I knew he was still a little tense toward South African culture (it's just too soon post-apartheid for him) so I usually just avoid buying South African wine. But not at $6.99 at Whole Foods. The only red wine available was a Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz blend. I normally shy away from Shiraz because I've been operating under the false presumption that Shiraz is sweet and fruity.

Wrong-o! This wine was right up my alley, hearty and meaty. After 1.5 glasses I was standing over gelatin-smothered tuna and mayonnaise and rallying up feelings of anger and retaliation for something I generally...just don't care about. Good sign. I like emotional wines so this herd of cats fetches a Double P for Puma Purrrrrrrr.


Chrissi said...

I MUST find this wine!

BTW - my BFF's husband is a hardcore wine connoseur and he assures me that most wineries are making the transition to screwtop bottles these days. As long as the wine ages in oak or what-have-you at the winery, they prefer to STOP the aging process when the wine is at peak, so the plastic-lined screwtops offer a much better option for preserving the wine at its peak. So there. ;) Screwtop is not just for yo Mama's under-the-kitchen-sink jug wine for her wine-and-7Ups by the pool anymore. Well, my mom's wine-and-7Ups. ;)

rlw said...

Interesting. I thought that the world ran out of cork, but then tonight this bottle of convenience store Bogle Chardonnay I brought home has cork in it...???...and it's definitely not as good as the Herding Catttt. Paws UP for the screw top!

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