Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Sauce Summary: Tisdale Chardonnay

It's my first edition of the Saturday Sauce Summary, where I feature something I drank during the week. I realize not all moms have new things to feature that they drank during the week, but them's the breaks.

I came to this feature because of 2 trends I broke this week. For groceries I usually stay faithful to Shaw's and when I'm feeling rich or well-groomed I might step into Whole Foods, but this week Jimmy and I took a left and went into Hannaford on Forest Ave, or as how I like to call it "Sexy Shop'n'Save." Once upon a time Hannaford used to go by Shop'n'Save and this location always seems to have hot singles roaming the aisles in lots of halter tops, Man-Gel, and full-arm tattoos. It was a Wednesday night that we were there, and I found myself in a headmatch to determine whether the gal next of us in the booze aisle was really anxious for her date (who was dressed a good 20 points below her) or just really hired. Where do you wear a black poly mini and 3-inch sharpies on a Wednesday...? Oh well, not my business, I was there for organic milk and cheap vino.

Normally at Shaw's I buy Golden Gate Vintners wine. It's been on sale for 2.99 since June and comes in all sorts of flavors and I like it because I'm not a wine snob and I pretty much agree with this guy. I had to do a little research at Hannaford, they didn't have any Golden Gate and I'm not used to their bargain brands. I originally had a bottle-of-the-month 7.49 bottle (a supermarket splurge for this frugal shopper) in the cart until I traded it at the Tisdale display near the checkout, because Tisdale had cute 'Tis What's Best' marketing and was selling for 3.49.

I recognize that in the photo the bottle is empty, but I bought it on Wednesday and it has lasted this long (I tell myself I have a hollow leg) and this includes using it for cooking our End of Summer dinner last night. It wasn't that Tisdale tasted bad, it was that I had gotten through an entire 2/3 of the bottle on Wednesday night and didn't feel any...well...different. I wanted to be relaxed or enlightened or excited or something..but nothing, it just tasted like unwanted calories AND I woke up on Thursday with a slight headache. So, for my first Saturday Sauce Summary, I give Tisdale a D for Dismale. But an I for Inspiration to find the bestest, cheapest toasts in the area. Cheers!

P.S. One score for Sexy Shop'n'Save, they sell Smiling Hill Farms half gallons for cheap! Big points over my beloved coupon-friendly Shaw's.


Chrissi said...

I'm loving the new Saturday Sauced ;) I'm not terribly adventurous wine-wise, so I'm looking forward to your finds! Also, buying wine means a trip to a state store here - no convenient grocery store aisles to wander down and peruse wine while shopping.

I tend drink what Kurt gives me at Cafe del Mar when I order a dry white wine spritzer (or 3 ;) ) with tapas. If I like it, I ask what kind of wine he used. ;) That's how I discovered my current favorite: Marquis de Riscal Rueda 2004. It was the Med White of the day that Saturday at the bar. ;) (I'm told by a red-drinking friend that the Marquis de Riscal Rioja is really good, too.) You can't go wrong with Mediterranean wines, as far as I'm concerned, but the M de R Rueda is by far my favorite, cheap at less than $10/bottle, AND it was on sale at the state store for $7.50 the last time I was in. So I bought two bottles. ;) I've had a hankering for some Boone's Farm lately, though. ;) Must be all the run-ins with old highschool friends on facebook lately. ;)

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