Friday, August 14, 2009

Night on the Town

Tonight masterblogger Amanda Blake Soule of celebrated the arrival of her new book Handmade Home, something I'd recently put my eye on so imagine my surprise when I discovered she lives here in Portland! Wally, Jimmy, and put the top down on the Cabrio and drove downtown to Longfellow Books to give our support.

Wally and Jimmy darted to the children's room as I darted for the fame.

I've recently been investigating Waldorf education and read rumors that the background of Amanda's first book The Creative Family is Waldorf-inspired, so I wanted to buy that first. Amanda was happy to sign either book and I wasn't surprised when she was the one providing most of our little conversation. The woman's brain and energy levels are amazing: 4 homeschooled kids, 1 husband, 1 kickass blog, LOTS of superior level crafts, LOTS of cheery colors, LOTS of photos, 2 books---it sorta freaks me out. I bashfully told her I liked her blog, she asked me if I liked crafting. The only response I could think of was "no" and then I just stood there. I managed to get my name out when she asked, and she had the foresight to verify between of its 2 most common spellings, something I can't even keep on top of ever since Jimmy was born. I was relieved when she asked me if I was a mom...."yes!" I thought. "That's why I'm here! That's why I like you!" Ugggh. Anyways, Amanda is awesome all around, and her children are just as adorable in person.

See! She signed my book!

There was a nice spread of cheeses and breads and I was most pleased to see that Amanda parties the same way I do: PBR and 2.99 Golden Gate wine! I knew she and I would have something in common sommmmewhere.

We don't get a lot of time to hob-nob as a family so I was anxious to do a little dining-out for a change. We were thinking of getting sandwiches next door at Henry VII, but they were shutting down. We didn't want to go anywhere too fancy since we had Jimmy, but I wanted someplace nicer than Subway. Wally asked me what I ultimately wanted and I answered honestly: something to eat...and a pint. He said he knew just the place.

Ha! We went to the Empire, where he works. Worked for me, there he ordered and a double burger with fries, I got a quesadilla to share with Jimmy. I also ordered an Allagash White, but I'm not convinced it was an actual full pint.

And we were home by 7pm, which with our opposite schedules and a toddler constitutes A Night on the Town for us. And it was perfect!


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